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The gang set out to find this place in search of WoodyA
The legendary space hero and Woody's best friend, _ _ _ _ LightyearB
Woody misses out on a trip to this place with Andy when his arm breaks.C
Slinky and the gang come across a busy road. 'I may not be a smart _ _ _, but I know what roadkill is!' D
The name of Jessies owner.E
The Toy Story theme song, 'You've got a _ _ _ _ _ _ in me'.F
When searching for Woody, the gang are helped by Tour _ _ _ _ _ Barbie.G
The loud- mouthed pig who lives in Andy's bedroom with Buzz and Woody.H
To _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, and Beyond!!I
The cowgirl who Woody meets in Al's appartment.J
Mike is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ cassete machine with the mcirophone Woody uses to sing the final songK
Buzz and the gang take a ride on the outside of a hotel _ _ _ _ (elevator) on their search for Woody.L
The angry- eyed spud who lives with his wife in Andy's bedroomM
Buzz makes his inspiring speech when the gang are searching for Woody: 'He didn't give up on us, and we will _ _ _ stop searching until we find Woody!' N
Toy Story was nominated for an _ _ _ _ _ at the 1996 USA academy awards.O
Woody and Buzz wind up at this Restaurant arcade after following AndyP
A line Buzz uses in both films. ' _ _ _ _ _ gang, I'm thinking!'Q
The nervous dinosaur who accompanies Buzz & the gang on their travelsR
The sly prospector who turned on the TV in Al's appartmentS
When the Woody's Roundup gang are complete, they will be sent to _ _ _ _ _ Museum.T
When searching for Woody in the toy store, the gang meet the upgraded Buzz with a new _ _ _ _ _ _ _ belt.U
Rex & Hamm like to play Buzz Lightyear's adventures on their _ _ _ _ _ game console.V
Andy's all time favourite toy and Buzz's best friend.W
In the airport, the toys go through an _ -_ _ _ machineX
Woody is stolen by Al when he sets out to the _ _ _ _ sale to rescue WeezyY
Buzz's arch nemesis, the evil emperor_ _ _ _Z

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