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...the two characters who have been contestants more than once?
...the only married couple to both appear on Celebrity Jeopardy (on separate episodes)?
...the type of creatures that Ozzy Osbourne hates because they won't drink 'alkyhol'?
...the category that appears on every episode?
...the most money any contestant has had at the start of Double Jeopardy?
...the least amount of money any contestant has had at the start of Double Jeopardy?
...the only contestant who was played by himself?
...the contestant who wagered Eleventy Billion Dollars on the Final Jeopardy category 'Write Anything' and proceeded to write nothing?
...the woman with whom Sean Connery claims to have frequent sexual affairs?
...the only contestant to use profanity on air?
...the contestant who answers every question with the response 'Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?'
...who, in lieu of answering the Final Jeopardy question, posts her resume, which includes a list of famous people she has slept with?
...the actor who plays Alex Trebek in every episode?
...the actor who plays Sean Connery in every episode?
...the contestant who decorates their podium?
...the punchline to the joke 'What's the difference between you (Alex Trebek) and a mallard with a cold?'
...where Alex Trebek's mother currently lives?
...the contestant who took off his pants during the show?
...the oversized object that Burt Reynolds finds backstage, much to his amusement?
...the new name Burt Reynolds gives himself? of the two characters who smokes during the show?
...the character who believes that 'Hoda Kotb' is a nonsense word?
...the character who manages to break his podium?
...the answer that French Stewart provided on Final Jeopardy for the category 'Write a Number'?

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