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Can you name the Les Misérables characters who might have said this?

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I was very ill but was getting better. Then I died because a guy scared me.
I'm alive although I took part in a revolution just to die.
I had to move because my dad was scared of an address my boyfriend wrote on a wall of my house.
I live inside a monument 'cause my parents don't give a damn about me.
I'd been sleeping during the whole revolution and woke just in time to be executed.
I'm dying because I can't see my adopted daughter (her husband forbids me to).
I told a guy I loved to go to a barricade with me 'cause I wanted us to die together. I died but he didn't.
I killed myself because a man saved my life.
I came to this fellow to convince him his father-in-law was a murderer. I only succeeded in proving he was not.
I started a revolution. It didn't succeed.

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