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Can you name the facts about Derek Jeter reaching 3,000 hits?

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On what date did Jeter get his 3,000th hit?
What team were the Yankees playing?
At what stadium?
At exactly what time (Eastern) did he get his 3,000th hit?
During which of Jeter's at-bats of the game did he hit it?
In what inning did he hit it?
What type of base hit was it?
Who was the only other player to reach 3,000 on the same type of hit?
What pitcher surrendered the hit to Jeter?
Who did the pitcher give up his first MLB home run to?
Who caught Jeter's hit?
Who was the first teammate to congratulate Jeter after the hit?
How many total hits did Jeter have in the game?
Who was the only other player to have the same number of hits in the game that he reached 3,000?
What achievement was Jeter one triple away from?
How many career hits did he have after the game?
How many other Yankees have reached 3,000 hits?
How many players have gotten 3,000 hits all with one team?

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