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Observed in ECGWhat's the problem?
Normal ECG trace with an unexpected wide QRS complex
Slow, inconsistent QRS complex spacing; what is pacing the heart?
Messy P-waves and HR under 100 bpm
Normal ECG trace with random absences of the P-wave
QRS complexes occur independent of P-waves
V5 most isoelectric; direction of rotation?
V1; bimodal P-wave; larger negative portion
Which ST depression is more severe: upsloping or horizontal?
V1; bimodal P-wave; larger positive portion
P-R interval greater than 200ms
Messy P-waves and HR greater than 100 bpm
Bimodal R-wave in V5 or V6?
Prominent Q-waves in V1-V4
Upsloping ST depression; need more testing? Yes or No?
Lead not used in infarction identification
ST depression
Observed in ECGWhat's the problem?
Positive QRS in both I and aVF; what quadrant?
Prominent Q-waves in I and aVL
Large sinusoidal ECG
Prominent Q-waves in II, III, aVF
Increasing P-R interval until a P-wave without a QRS complex appears
ST elevation
Absent or inverted P-waves; what is pacing the heart
Multiple non-sensical P-waves
Negative QRS in lead I and aVF; what kind of deviation?
V1 S-wave + V5 R-wave > 35mm
Bimodal R-wave in V1 or V2?
Q-wave > 40ms
Decreasing QRS complex from V1-V6
Negative lead I QRS and positive lead aVF QRS; what kind of deviation?
Smaller sinusoidal ECG
3 P-waves without QRS complexes:1 P-wave with QRS

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