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Shawnee chief that the British were giving aid and armaments to
James Monroe's Secretary of State responsible for the Monroe Doctrine and the purchase of Florida
Connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic. Known as 'Clinton's Big Ditch'
House of Congress determined by population
Provided a system for states to enter the United States as equal members
Washington's Secretary of Treasury who advocated for a National Bank
Ended the War of 1812, but didn't really do anything
Advocated for representation where each state gets and equal number of votes
Stated that European powers would not be allowed to obtain new colonies in the Western hemisphere
Federalist judges appointed in the late moments of Adams' presidency
Meeting by Federalists in the Northeast to voice their opposition to the War of 1812
The British burned this city during the War of 1812
Situation where French officials attempted to extort a bribe from US diplomats
Act of Congress that established the federal court system
Passed by John Adams to strengthen the requirements for citizenship in an attempt to weaken Democrat-Republican power
Controversial treaty with Britain that declared Britain would leave forts in NW and Americans would be responsible to pay back debts to British merchants
Addition advocated by the Anti-Federalists to safeguard personal liberties in the new federal government
Explorers sent out to explore Louisiana
Group not in favor of ratification of the new Constitution
This territory was purchased in the Adams-Onis Treaty
Group of Congressmen calling for war with Britain in the early 1800s.
Location of the Constitutional Convention
Both British and French ship were _______ American sailors. Meaning they forced them into their service. It became a leading cause for the War of 1812
Belief that a state can decide to not follow laws that it does not agree with
French diplomat who tried to rally support of Americans to French Revolution
Provided for a bicameral legislature
Uprising led by a group of Massachusetts farmers and Revolutionary vets upset about losing their farms
Legal precedent where the Judicial Branch has the authority to rule acts of Congress unconstitutional
Extreme period of great nationalism during Monroe's presidency
Battle where William Henry Harrison defeated Tecumseh's Confederacy
Ended the Embargo Act of 1807
Provides a system where each branch of government limits the power of the other branch
Policy by Jefferson that made illegal US trade with the rest of the world
Touissant Louverture led a rebellion on this French territory. Losing this territory made Napoleon interested in selling Lousiana
Judge that the Federalists wanted to remove. Their failure to do so established the precedent of an independent judiciary
The Rush-Bagot agreement provided for a large demilitarized border with this country
Determined how slaves would be counted for population in the House of Representatives
Nation's first highway
Term for peaceful transition of power from Adams to Jefferson in 1800
Allows Congress to pass any law that will help it carry out its defined powers. First used to create the National Bank
Battle that occured after the War of 1812. Where Andrew Jackson becomes a national hero
First government of the United States
Father of the Constitution
Written by Madison and Jefferson in response to Alien & Sedition Acts by Madison and Jefferson that is the first basis of nullification
President Washington warned of these two things in his Farewell Address
Intended to motive Britain and France to stop seizing American ships by lifting the embargo if they agreed.
Established the precedent of judicial review
Washington's Secretary of State
Passed by John Adams to make criminal speaking negatively about the President or the Government
Gave the United States access to the Mississippi River
Declared America would remain neutral in any conflict between France and Britain
This was written at the Battle of Fort McHenry by Francis Scott Key
The Treaty of 1818 provided joint control of this territory by the United States and Great Britain
Huge expansion of presidential power by Jefferson to purchase territory west of the Mississippi River
Henry's Clay plan for developing the country's self-sufficiency
High tariff created to help develop American industries
Collection of persuasive essays published in favor of the new Constitution
Group in favor of ratification of the new Constitution
Advocated for representation to be based soley on population
Group of pirates in Africa that Jefferson sent the navy in to regulate
Divided the Northwest Territory into grids for development
House of Congress where each state gets an equal number of votes
A tax on this led to a rebellion in Western PA
Number of term tradition that Washington set
The nation's first protective tariff aimed at protecting infant American industries

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