NCAA football teams by clue III

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Can you name the NCAA football teams by clue for the SEC, Big 12, and Mountain West conferences(no dublicate nickname?

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Navy ship leaderSEC
Ancient Mexican inhabitantsMountain West
Aggressive amphibiansMountain West
Sharp spineSEC
A norwal or unicorn has oneBig 12
Anti-slavery territory fightersBig 12
Blood drenched participants of a military suprise attackBig 12
Better than being lateBig 12
Bird of preyMountain West
Croc relativeSEC
Spanish WolfMountain West
Fight against the establishmentSEC
Winter hibernatorBig 12
Work for freeSEC
Largest in the cat familySEC/ Big 12
Small feline of EuropeSEC/ Big 12
Preparing a vegetable for dinnerBig 12
How Vinny says 'youths'Mountain West
Older women on the prowlMountain West
WhirlwindsBig 12
Dude ranch workerBig 12/ Mountain West
Roamed the range with deerBig 12
Red incoming waterSEC
Agatha and AgnesBig 12
Tough caninesSEC
Runs intoMountain West
Fowl used in bettingSEC

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