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Can you name the English Premier League Managers, Grounds and Nicknames?

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Team and QuestionManager/Ground/NicknameNationality/Capacity/Year Club Founded
Liverpool Ground45,522
Blackpool ManagerEnglish
Birmingham City ManagerScottish
Fulham Ground25,478
Stoke City Nickname1863
Everton ManagerEnglish
Aston Villa ManagerFrench
Tottenham Hotspur Ground36,230
Tottenham Hotspur ManagerEnglish
Chelsea Nickname1905
Blackpool Nickname1887
Newcastle United Nickname1892
Wigan Athletic Nickname1932
Manchester City ManagerItalian
Arsenal ManagerFrench
Manchester United Nickname1878
Manchester City Nickname1880
Liverpool Nickname1892
Birmingham City Nickname1875
Arsenal Nickname1886
Sunderland ManagerEnglish
Wolverhampton Wanderers Nickname1877
West Bromwich Albion Ground26,500
Stoke City Ground27,500
Wolverhampton Wanderers ManagerIrish
Newcastle United ManagerIrish-English
Blackburn Rovers Nickname1875
West Ham Nickname1895
West Bromwich Albion Nickname1878
Manchester City Ground47,715
Blackburn Rovers Ground31,154
Everton Nickname1878
Bolton Wanderers Nickname1874
Tottenham Hotspur Nickname1882
Sunderland Ground49,000
Aston Villa Ground42,786
Manchester United ManagerScottish
Chelsea Ground42,449
Manchester United Ground75,797
West Ham ManagerIsraeli
Everton Ground40,157
Sunderland Nickname1879
Wigan Athletic ManagerSpanish
Birmingham City Ground30,079
Blackpool Ground12,000
Wigan Athletic Ground25,133
Stoke City ManagerWelsh
Bolton Wanderers Ground28,101
Arsenal Ground60,361
Chelsea ManagerItalian
West Ham Ground35,303
Fulham Nickname1879
Bolton Wanderers ManagerScottish-Irish
Blackburn Rovers ManagerEnglish
Liverpool ManagerEnglish
Fulham ManagerWelsh
Aston Villa Nickname1874
Newcastle United Ground52,339
Wolverhampton Wanderers Ground29,303
West Bromwich Albion ManagerSwiss-Italian

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