5 most populous Metros to:

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Can you pick the 5 most populous Metro areas in the world to...?

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Allow Gay Marriage
Be in Africa
Be founded after 1800
Be founded before 1 AD
Be founded by the British
Be governed by a non UN member
Record temperatures of below -20°C in 2013
Stretch across multiple land masses
Never be captured or manned by a European Miltary
Consume more than 14 litres of Alcohol per capita
Host a FIFA World Cup game
Be mostly French Speaking
Have been ruled by Madrid
Have an Atlantic Coastline
Be in a Democracy
Be in the Commonwealth
Contain a Belgian Embassy
Not have a McDonalds
Be mostly Hindu
Be south of the Equator
Have the City Centre at least 2,000 metres above sea level
Have been ruled by the Ottoman Empire
House a United States Military Base
Have a Female Head of Government in 2014
Have never housed a ruling Government

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