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Can you name the missing word(s) from 'The Office' quote by episode??

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QuoteMissing word(s)Episode/Character
'You, uh, you should have put him in _________.'Pilot/Ryan
'Shalom, I would like to apply for a _______.'Diversity Day/Dwight
'You hear stories about Dunder Mifflin in the 80's, before everybody knew how bad __________ was.'Hot Girl/Michael
Dwight: 'Seasick? Captain Jack says to watch the moon.' Michael: 'Captain Jack's a ____________.'Booze Cruise/Michael
'Listen up everyone! It is 11:23 exactly, the exact moment, when you emerged from your mother's _______________.'Michael's Birthday/Dwight
'Well, Valentine's Day isn't over. Let's get you home, and you are going to get ______________.'Valentine's Day/Roy
'____________! I'm going to kill you for real. This game-- the game is over. I'm really going to shoot you.'The Coup/Andy
'No, I don't mind helping Jim with his problem. That's what friends do. I, help, Phyllis all the time. Just yesterday, I untangled a ___________________.'Back from Vacation/Pam
QuoteMissing word(s)Episode/Character
'I would rather work for an upturned broom with a _____________________ than work for anyone else in this office besides myself.'Beach Games/Stanley
'In the Schrute family, we have a tradition where when the male has sex with another woman, he is rewarded with a _______________.'Money/Dwight
'Yep. Phyllis called me ___________. And I will always and forever be haunted by that fact.'Survivor Man/Jim
'Today I am headed over to the job fair at Valleyview high school to find some new interns. Get some fresh blood. Um, ___________ this place.'Job Fair/Michael
'Applicant has a head shaped like a ______________.'Employee Transfer/Andy
Michael: 'Where's Andy?' Oscar: 'He's on one of his ______________.'Blood Drive/Oscar
'I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure I'm in a _____________.'Cafe Disco/Andy

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