Best Day Ever

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Can you name the lyrics to Spongebob's 'Best Day Ever'?

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Mr. Sun came up and he ______ at me
Said it's gonna be a good one just wait and ___
______ out of bed and I ran outside
Feeling so _____ exsatisfied
It's the best ___ ever
It's the best day ____
I'm so busy got _______ to do
Spent the last two hours just tying my ____
Every ______, every grain of sand
Is ________ out to shake my hand
It's the ____ day ever
It's the best day ____
Sometimes the ______ things start closing in on me
When I'm _______ down I wanna lose that frown
I stick my head out the ______ and I look around
Those clouds don't _____ me, they can't disguise
This magic that's happening right before my ____
Soon Mr. ____ will be shining bright
So the best day ever can last all _____
Yes, the best day ever's gonna ____ all night now
It's ___ best day ever
It's the best day ____
It's the best ___ ever
It's the ____ day ever
Best ___ ever
Best day ____

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