A Victim of Gravity

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PhraseMissing Word
Down, down, down, down _______
Helpin' wash the ______
And I ____ a cup.
Why does everything fall ____
Instead of __?
Ridin' up a ____ I spill
And hit the ______
Wish I could fall up _______ of always falling down.
Down, de-down, down, ____
I'm a ______ of gravity.
Everything keeps fallin' down on __.
No ______ where I go
That _____ is there I know,
Just a ______' me down, down, down, down, down.
It's all around ____ now,
It's like a ______ deep inside the ground.
When I lift _________ up,
I can ____ it pulling down.
It pulls me in the ____,
It pulls ____ down on me.
I'm a victim __
Down, down, down, ____, gravity, yeah.
Galileo, Galileo, _______ -
He did experiments with a force he couldn't ___.
(Could not see, ____.)
He found that all things fall to earth at the very same _____.
(Very ____ speed, yeah.)
He didn't know it yet, but that was ___ to gravity.
The Moon goes 'round the _____
PhraseMissing Word
And shines its ______ light.
The Earth goes '_____ the Sun
And makes the _______ right.
It isn't ____ that makes the world go round, you see,
It's the _____ of gravity,
But please don't tell Mary ____
Down, de-down, ____, down.
_______ Earth's gravity
To keep us in our _____,
We'd have no ______ at all,
We'd be in _____ space.
The ___ would float away,
And so would fields and _____,
Nothin' pullin' us down, ____, down, down, down, yeah.
Isaac Newton underneath the _____ tree,
(Apple ____, yeah)
One hit him on the ____,
He said, 'That must be _______!.'
Newton's ___ of Gravity says that every object in the Universe pulls on every other object
The bigger the object, the ________ the pull.
But the greater the distance between the objects, the ______ the pull becomes.
Come ____, Mary Jean!
Don't call me ______,
Don't call me a ____.
When things fall down on __,
I'm following the ____;
The rule that says that what goes up, _____ down, like me,
I'm a victim of down, down, down, down _______
Sho-be doo, down, down, ____

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