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Can you name the lyrics to Spongebob's 'Loop de Loop' song?

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PhraseMissing Word
Wanna learn how to ___ your shoe?
It's a very ____ thing to do.
Just sit on down and I'll give you the _____,
What's that? It's called the loop-de-____.
You gotta take a ____ in each hand,
You go over and _____ again,
You make a loop-de-loop and ____,
And your shoes are lookin' ____.
PhraseMissing Word
You go over and back, left to _____,
Loop-de-loop and you pull 'em _____,
Like _____ ears or a Christmas bow,
Lace 'em up and you're ready to __.
You make a loop-__-loop and pull,
And your shoes are ______' cool.
You ____ a loop-de-loop and pull,
And your _____ are lookin' cool.

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