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Ship where the Emperor is assassinated
Home of the Companions
Capital city of Skyrim, in the northwest
City in the east, stronghold of the Stormcloaks
A significant part of this city collapsed into the sea
Settlement founded by Rorik
Settlement where former Blade agent has been hiding
Dwemer ruin containing the only known statue of a Falmer
Settlement where Alduin resurrects Sahloknir
Home of the Greybeards
Location of the Golden Claw and the Dragonstone
Nordic tomb where the Eye of Magnus was found
City in the swamp where a house burned down
Location of the Eldergleam Tree
Place where Potema Septim practiced necromancy
Extension of palace used to hold dragons
City in the south near the initial Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
Place where the Skeleton Key must be returned
Highest mountain in Tamriel
Underground hideout of the Thieves Guild
The Dragonborn escapes execution at this town
City located in the mountains to the Southwest
Central city that contains the Companions' home
Southeastern city built on the lakeshore
One of the Orc strongholds in Skyrim
Settlement where the future Sybil of Dibella lives
City in the north near the later Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
Bee farm located on an island
Temple that houses Alduin's Wall
Prison that is said to be impossible to escape

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