Deceased WWE Pay-Per-View Competitors

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Can you name the people who competed at WWE pay-per-views and are now deceased?

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First PPVWrestlerYear of Death
WrestleMania I2009
WrestleMania I2008
WrestleMania I2013
WrestleMania I1998
WrestleMania I1993
WrestleMania I1995
WrestleMania I2015
The Wrestling Classic1988
The Wrestling Classic2011
The Wrestling Classic2002
The Wrestling Classic2003
WrestleMania II2007
WrestleMania II2001
WrestleMania II2008
WrestleMania II2004
WrestleMania II1992
WrestleMania III1995
WrestleMania III2011
Survivor Series '872007
Survivor Series '872011
Survivor Series '871993
First PPVWrestlerYear of Death
Survivor Series '871999
Survivor Series '872007
WrestleMania IV2007
WrestleMania IV2014
SummerSlam '882004
Survivor Series '881999
Survivor Series '882003
SummerSlam '892015
Survivor Series '892006
WrestleMania VI1996
SummerSlam '901993
SummerSlam '902007
Survivor Series '902003
Survivor Series '922000
WrestleMania IX2010
SummerSlam '932014
SummerSlam '932010
Survivor Series '932014
Survivor Series '932010
WrestleMania X2010
Royal Rumble '952009
First PPVWrestlerYear of Death
Royal Rumble '951996
SummerSlam '952005
SummerSlam '952001
Survivor Series '951998
Season's Beatings2015
Survivor Series '962012
It's Time2001
Royal Rumble '972013
Canadian Stampede1997
Badd Blood '972009
Royal Rumble '992009
Royal Rumble '992016
SummerSlam '992003
Survivor Series '992014
No Way Out '002007
WrestleMania XVI2005
Unforgiven '022009
Armageddon '032010

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