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Can you name the countries by each brain teaser given?

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Geometric Shape+Vowel
Bean Container+TV Commercial Format+Vowel
Vowel+Slang term for cheated, stolen, swindled
To confirm+Form of government
Chime+Vowel+they regret (verb pl.)
Newspaper Article+Stinging Insect+Vowel
Happy+German City
Pronoun+Area between two buildings
To make full (verb)+Chapstick user+Evergreens
Foot continuation+To change location, to travel (verb)
And not+Route, path, passage
Ghost greeting+Bronze, brown
Fewer+Promise to fulfill a pledge+Vowel, interjection
Chime+freedom from difficulty
To speak with rhythm to music (verb)+Vowel+Small passage, to make stream or flow (verb)

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