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Spaniard responsible for the conquest of the Incan Empire
Father of the Protestant Reformation
Last president of the Soviet Union
Leader of the Bolshevik Revolution
French Enlightenment figure who advocated complete freedom of religion
Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity
Indian emperor known for his conquests and support of Buddhism
Developed the theory of relativity
Monarch whose navy defeated the Spanish Armada
Polio-ridden leader responsible for the 'New Deal'
Author of the Art of War
Nationalized the Suez Canal
Mathematician known for his laws of motion
Author of Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto
Italian astronomer who championed a heliocentrism
Physician considered the father of western medicine
Catholic priest known for advocating scholasticism
British demographic scholar
Famous communist leader of North Vietnam
Founder of the Republic of Turkey
South African president who opposed apartheid
Persian emperor known for his religious tolerance
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General during the Golden Age of Athens
Scottish author of The Wealth of Nations
The 'Sun King' who he made the Palace of Versailles a symbol of absolute monarchy
Nationalist notable for his nonviolent civil disobedience
Moroccan explorer who visited most of the 14th century Islamic world
African king known as the wealthiest man of all time
Founder of the Mali Empire whose epic story was passed on through oral tradition
Carthaginian general of the second Punic War
Holy Roman emperor sometimes called the father of Europe
Japanese shogun whose reign started 300 years of relative peace
French emperor defeated at Waterloo
Conquistador responsible for the fall of the Aztec Empire
Venetian traveller who served on the court of Kublai Khan
Greek philosopher arrested for 'corrupting the youth'
Roman emperor who famously converted to Christianity
British prime minister who received the Nobel Prize for Literature
Egyptian pharaoh also known as 'Ozymandias'
First emperor of Rome who implemented its police force
Led China into a socialist market economy
Macedonian conquerer who spread Hellenistic culture
Responsible for introducing the printing press to Europe
Wrote a code of laws calling for 'an eye for an eye'
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American philanthropist considered one of the most powerful women alive
Longest reigning female monarch in history
Naturalist who developed the theory of natural selection
Philosopher who pioneered traditional logic
Influential anti-federalist who purchased the Louisiana Territory
Chinese politician who spurred the Cultural Revolution
Leader of the Latin American push for independence
Enlightenment thinker who heavily influenced the American Revolution
Dictator responsible for the Holocaust
General murdered by a group of senators on the Ides of March
Conservative icon responsible for supply-side economics
Czar who westernized and militarized the Russian Empire
First European to discover Hispaniola
'The Man of Steel'; known for mass purges of his enemies
Father of the political belief that 'the ends justify the means'
Conquerer who united the Mongols
Founding father of Kenya
Founder of The Academy in Athens
Led the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe
Created Japan's 17-article constitution

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