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Supporting CharacterShow NamePremiere Date on PBS
Alice Nimbletoes2002
Ms. Mimi2009
Prunella Deegan1996
Bus Driver Bob2008
Heath the Thesaurus1999
Zing Zing Zingbah2004
Paul Hinkle2000
Annie Tyrannosaurus2009
Blossom and Chet2006
Lucy and Grandpa2006
Aunt Eunice2000
Smooch and Winslow2006
Max and Karla2008
Tito Chávez2004
Nelson and Polly2008
Supporting CharacterShow NamePremiere Date on PBS
Tessie Bear2004
Bo Baxter2004
Dongwa Miao2001
Mr. Noodle1969
Jessica Ruiz2009
Neighbor Aber1968
Gabriela and Gerald2008
Princess Pea2007
Henry the Green Engine1984
Dr. Two-Brains2007
Bear, Ant, and Shark2007
Animal Junction (setting)1999
Aristotle and Socrates1996
Ireon Warthog1993
Pat Cashman (announcer)1993
Farmer Pickles2005
Flo and Zo2003
Lisa and Pandro1997
Socks and Beaverton2000
Lenni Frazier1992
Supporting CharacterShow NamePremiere Date on PBS
Padraig and Elly2003
Kino (main character)1994
Alexandra Picatto (host)1994
Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFebrve2002
Keesha Franklin1994
Elizabeth The Emotional Pig2000
Ira Flatow (first host)1983
The Peace Police1994
LeVar Burton (host)1983
Badgers, Bats, Foxes1999
Ringo Starr (regular appearance)1989
One, Two, Belinda2000
Emily 'the Vigorous2007
Nora and Yoko2000
Furry Boo and Donkey1993
Sir Vile1996
Graziella and Bo1997
Tuck the Turtle2006
Wanda Gilmore and Joe Talbot1995
'Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4' (film set)1972

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