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Who claims to have founded VIXX TV by himself?Though N does NOT agree
Which member has a habit of singing 'Bum babum BAbum.. Bum babum BAbum..'?Just as cutesy and spacey as he is
What country were they in when the boys broke N's mic in the pool and pulled Ken in with his clothes on?They were there for a fan meeting
Which member has two older sisters?He refers to them lovingly
What famous dance studio did VIXX visit while they were in California for KCON 2012?They took a short dance lesson there and were inspired
What was Leo doing when the other members were making the banana bread (that later failed)?They played the main OST from a very famous K-Drama while he did it
Which member jokingly asked Leo to sell his soul to him?This was in an interview during the On and On era
When N and Ravi asked Ken to sing a 'Musical version', what song were they telling him to sing?This was during an episode of VIXX TV
Which member had silver hair during the 'On and On' era?It was pretty shocking for the fans at first
Which member is known for sleeping like a log?Caught on tape multiple times on MyDOL
Between the 6 members, there is only one surname (family name) that is shared between 2 members. Which members are they?Lee
Who started the 'ottokaji' trend?He sings it, yells it, whines it, laughs it, raps it...
Which member has the longest high note in '대.다.나.다.너.'?Right before we chant their names
Whose shoe insert fell out when he threw his shoe?Hyuk caught it on tape for MyDOL
Whose MV was Hongbin featured in before VIXX's debut?The members of MyDOL auditioned for it, and he was picked pretty much on the spot
Which group is the girl who appeared in the Rock Ur Body MV from?Her name is Dasom
What other group did VIXX appear with in episode seven of MyDOL?They taught them comedy and variety show skills
How many members of MyDOL were not able to debut with VIXX?Have you seen the episode? It's actually really sad
Which member is the visual of the group?Dimples
Which song's chorus repeats the phrase 'Just can't control'?'There’s a different me that’s not me inside of me'
What is the name of the OTP between Ravi and Hongbin?A combination of their names
What sport is Leo really good at?He demonstrates it in an episode of VIXX TV
What two members had curly hair in the 'Super Hero' MV?One had shorter hair, one had longer hair
Whose nickname is Kong?콩 (kong) means 'Bean' in english
Before they remixed it, the intro to 'On and On' was a reference to what famous musical?'On and On' and the musical share the theme of twisted love
Who once drew a diagram of Hyuk's brain?He drew it on a white board with a dry erase marker
What lyric did N tweet that scared and worried fans in January 2013?It's the title of the song that was released on the On and On single album
What is the name of their entertainment company?The name and logo are on the lime green wall in the practice room

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