20 Homers and 50 Stolen Bases

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Can you name the 20 Homers and 50 Stolen Bases?

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1967/STL52 SB, 21 HR
1972/HOU55 SB, 22 HR
1973/HOU56 SB, 25 HR
1973/CIN67 SB, 26 HR
1974/HOU57 SB, 26 HR
1974/CIN58 SB, 22 HR
1976/CIN60 SB, 27 HR
1985/NYY80 SB, 24 HR
1985/CHC54 SB, 26 HR
1986/NYY87 SB, 28 HR
1986/CIN80 SB, 27 HR
1987/CIN50 SB, 37 HR
1990/OAK65 SB, 28 HR
1990/PIT52 SB, 33 HR
1992/BAL53 SB, 21 HR
1993/OAK-TOR53 SB, 21 HR
1998/HOU50 SB, 20 HR
2007/FLA51 SB, 29 HR
2007/ARI50 SB, 21 HR

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