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Lakitu always give the countdown at the start of the race.
Players can customize karts in Mario Kart 7.
The most recent game is Mario Kart DS.
There are four game modes in Mario Kart 7's single player game.
Battle Mode is played for up to 100 players.
Each race in Mario Kart 64 is three laps long.
Mario Kart 64 is the second game in the series.
Lakitu uses a Spiny Egg to signal the race's start.
The subtitle for the third Mario Kart game is called Mega Circuit.
Lakitu carries a checkered flag in all of the installments.
StatementTrue/FalseExtra Info
The Spiny Shell targets the last place racer.
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! has the Double Dash!!
All Mario Kart games have Rainbow Road
The first game was Super Mario Kart.
The series is published by Namco.
There are 32 races in Mario Kart 7.
The countdown sequence for Mario Kart 7 is Rock, Paper, Scissors... SHOOT!
Each Time Trial run gives the player three mushrooms.
After each race, players recieve feathers.
Mario Kart Wii holds up to ten racers in each race.

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