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Clue4 Letter Word
* NBA team that has Channing Frye
The aggregate of two or more numbers in a mathematical equation
Plural of an alcoholic beverage containing molasses
* NFL team that has Sam Bradford
Brightly colored swim trunks, usually knee-length
Member of Indo-Aryan people living in the Northwestern part of India
* NFL team that has Darrelle Revis
To moisten with water
To soak in water
Of the rodent family, similar to a mouse
Clue4 Letter Word
* MLB team that has B.J. Upton
A wooder beater used to mix mortar or plaster
Taxi ____
* MLB team that has Carlos Pena
Plural prefix of submarine, substitute, etc.
* Same a Rung 1
Member of a destructive Asian group in the 5th century A.D.
The female of the domestic fowl
To seize
* NBA team that has Lebron James

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