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Young cornerback. High potential for the Bucs.
One of the best running backs in the league. Plays for a mid-caliber team in the AFC South.
Led the league in rushing yards. Literally came out of no where.
USC Heisman runningback.
White wide reciever for an AFC East team. Initials are WW.
Quarterback who said he could throw further than John Elway,
Defensive tackle that returned an interception for a touchdown in the playoffs.
Arguably the best reciever in the NFC North.
Broke 7 tackles in a wild card game.
Runningback with long hair. Plays on an improving team.
Wide reciever that was injured for the majority of the 2010-2011 season.
Runningback known to be injured. Might leave his team this offseason.
Many would say is the best reciever for the New York Giants.
Lead the NFL in sacks.
Free safety who is often injured. If he could stay healthy he may just be the best in the league.
Arizona's best quarterback (still not good).
Atlanta's kicker.
Awesome cornerback. (hint-hint)
Lets just say keep him away from your dog.
Rookie quarterback for Carolina.
Used to back-up Tom Brady. Now is a Chief.
Best kick returner in the league.
Runningback who's last name is a college.. And an Indian food. AFC North.
Dropped a game-winner against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 12.
Defensive tackle known to be lazy and overpaid.
Only white runningback to get 1000+ yards this season.
Running back for the Dolphins.
Young reciever that attended Texas Tech, High expectations.
Suspended majority of the season for the Chargers.
Known for his Head and Shoulders commercials.
Cornerback from the Pittsburgh Panthers. One of the best, if not the best in the NFL.

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