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Can you name the Broadway Musicals by its Act 1 Finale?

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Act 1 FinaleMusical
The doctor diagnoses the audience as crazy.
Everybody seems to have gotten their wish. Or had they?
The elephant is caught by hunters.
Arnold C. decides to 'Man Up'.
The protagonist sees that everything is 'So Much Better' now that she's been chosen as one of four.
The female child wakes up and makes her way to the man who can help her home.
The protagonist's search for her parents begins.
Act 1 FinaleMusical
The two gangs have a rumble.
Kate is left heart-broken after being dumped.
The protagonist and her female best friend part ways, as she decides to defy authority.
The male protagonist doesn't know what to do if he 'Can't Love Her'.
The Dentist is killed for evil vegetation.
Ariel finally becomes human and lands on the shore.

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