Original Care Bears/Cousins

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Can you name the Original Care Bears/Cousins?

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HintNameLooks Like...
originalblue w/ moon
originalgolden yellow w/ cupcake
originalpink w/ rainbow
originalorange w/ flowers
originalyellow w/ sun
originalgreen w/ clover
originalblue w/ raincloud
originalpink w/ 2 hearts
originalbrown/orange w/ heart
originalblue/green w/ shooting star
cousinbrown/ orange w/ heart with a crown on it
cousinpurple w/ lightbulb
cousinlilac w/ heart with a stocking cap on it
cousinmint green w/ pillow shaped heart
cousinpink w/ a heart shaped weight
cousinpurple/blue/green w/ heart and star
cousinorange w/ heart with a party horn
cousinsky blue (originally orange) w/ star with a heart inside
HintNameLooks Like...
cousinsky blue w/ a heart with wings
cousinyellow w/ ice cream cone
cousinblue w/ heart shapped medal
1980's and 1990's Bearpink w/ star buddy inside heart
1980's and 1990's Bearblue w/ star buddy inside diaper
1980's and 1990's Bearblue (tan) w/ trophy
1980's and 1990's Bearblue violet (pink) w/ heart shaped saturn
1980's and 1990's Beartan w/ trees
1980's and 1990's Bearblue w/ rose
1980's and 1990's Bearpurple w/ 3 hearts or rainbow flower
1980's and 1990's Bearblack and white w/ gold star and ribbon
1980's and 1990's Bearblue w/ wave
1980's and 1990's Bearorange/ magenta with/ lock
1980's and 1990's Bearpurple w/ lolly pops
1980's and 1990's Bearviolet (blue) w/ jack-in-the-box
1980's and 1990's Bearpink w/ smiling heart/apple
1980's and 1990's Bearcream w/ star inside a heart
1980's and 1990's Bearpurple and white w/ rose and ribbon

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