World Reacts to bin Laden's Death

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Can you name the country from their statements about Osama bin Laden's death?

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Our fight against terrorism does not end with bin Laden's death. We must remain vigilant against the threat posed by al Qaeda and the groups it has inspired. (Julia Gillard)
Osama bin Laden suggested he was operating in the name of Islam, but in reality he makes a mockery of the fundamental values of his own and every other religion. (Angela Merkel)
The world must not let down its united effort to overcome terrorism and eliminate the safe havens that have been provided to terrorists in our own neighborhood. (M. Krishnas)
This is a time to remember all those murdered by Osama bin thank all those who work round the clock to keep us safe from terrorism. (David Cameron)
A victory of good against evil, of justice against malignancy. It is a victory of the free and democratic world. (Franco Frattini)
[This] was the first country to be attacked by al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden's death comes as a relief to many of the victims of the bombings in East Africa. (Alfred Mutua)
It should teach a lesson that the leader of the world's most dangerous and sophisticated terrorist organization is captured this way. (Abdullah Gul)
[This country] was among the first countries to face the dangers inherent in global terrorism...Retribution will inevitably reach all terrorists. (Official)
This is a resounding victory for justice, freedom and for the joint values of all the countries that fight side by side determinedly against terror. (Benjamin Netanyahu)
A promoter of the ideology of hatred...responsible for the deaths of thousands of victims, especially in Muslim countries. For his victims, justice has been done. (Nicolas Sarkozy)
We pay our respects to the efforts of those concerned, including the U.S. and Pakistan. We regard this as part of a united effort to fight against terrorism. (Naoto Kan)
A truly historic moment. We welcome the news ... millions of people will sleep in peace tonight. (Official))

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