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Can you name the Will Smith movies based on the two opposing blurbs from the critics?

Featured Jul 11, 2011

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Blurb OneFilmBlurb Two
‘The film, while slow moving, is worth the wait for the emotional payoff.’

(Atlantic City Weekly)
‘The outcome will make you want to throw a shoe at the screen.’

‘Surprisingly smart, cool-looking, nicely paced and well-acted.’

(New York Post)
‘Performances, plot and pacing are as mechanical as the hard-wired cast.’

(USA Today)
‘[Its] spirited action is balanced by an almost contemplative attitude toward surveillance phobias and the movie cliches they've spawned.’

(Chicago Reader)
‘Watching this movie is like being wired to a TV set on permanent channel-surf mode!’

(Chicago Tribune)
‘[Smith's] graceful presence helps turn what often feels like 18 holes of Touched By an Angel into an ultimately engaging sweet conceit.’

(Milwaukee Journal Sentin
‘Supernatural is not much better than subhuman: Hollywood is still, in the year 2000, disinclined to let black actors play human beings.’

(New York Times)
‘Terrific effects and loads of action. But the filmmakers have also carefully crafted appealing characters and several good relationships.’

(Houston Chronicle)
‘A gasping, bloated roller-coaster ride that veers from scenes of truly awesome destruction to stretches of numbingly bad melodrama and back again.’

(Austin Chronicle)
‘A sparkling addition to the modern animation canon.’

(Detroit News)
‘One soggy, charmless heap of chum.’

(TV Guide)
‘Tauter, sharper, and more blithely hilarious than the original.’

(Boston Phoenix)
‘...the kind of movie you see because the theater has air conditioning.’

(Philadelphia Weekly)
‘An unapologetic, unreconstructed actioner that's as entertaining as it is politically retrograde.’

‘Everybody involved in this project needs to do some community service.’

(Roger ****)
Blurb OneFilmBlurb Two
‘An engaging and thoroughly innovative spin on the superhero genre.’

(Reel Film Reviews)
‘This misguided attempt to wring a novel twist on the superhero genre has a certain whiff of The Last Action Hero about it.’

‘A smart romantic comedy and a fabulous showcase for its leads and New York City setting.’

(Boston Herald)
‘Wastes both Will Smith and Kevin James with yet another convoluted romantic fable.’

(Washington Times)
‘Crowd-pleasing, energetic action comedy.’

(The Movie Report)
‘Relentless formulaic fodder for the explosion-starved; it's loud, shallow, sexist and a complete waste of time.’

(Washington Post)
‘It has uncommon depth and honesty. And the thing it's honest about is the embarrassment and humiliation of being poor.’

(LA Weekly)
‘[This film] can't imagine anything worse than being poor. Except maybe being surrounded by poor people.’

(Toronto Star)
‘A triumphant labor of love for its star, Will Smith. Credit director Mann, above all, for recognizing the performance for what it is: A knockout.’

(Detroit News)<
‘With all due respect to Will Smith, you don't send a Fresh Prince to play a king.’

(South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
‘The ace in the hole in [the film] is Shakespearean Kenneth Branagh as the villain, Loveless.’

(San Francisco Chronicle)
‘Extremely stupid and incompetent.’

(Village Voice)
‘[This film] is actually about the last man on earth played by one of the last real movie stars on earth.’

(Boston Globe)
‘I wouldn't want to watch [this film] again even if it were the last movie on Earth.’

(Arizona Daily Star)

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