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Can you name the box office bombs on the right that match the characters listed on the left?

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Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, Buliwyf, RagnarGigli
Det. Stanley Jacobellis, Starkman, RickiThe Spirit
Sam Houston, James Bowie, William TravisLady in the Water
Octopus, Silken Floss, Sand SarefSouthland Tales
Terl, Ker, Jonny Goodboy TylerThe Alamo
Morgan, Shaw, Dawg, GlasspooleThe 13th Warrior
Thrax, Drix, Mayor Phlegmming, Tom ColonicTreasure Planet
Dirk Pitt, Eva Roja, Admiral Jim SandeckerHulk
Minx, Chim Chim, Pops, SparkyGrindhouse
Cherry Darling, Stuntman MikeOsmosis Jones
Willie Stark, Judge Irwin, Tiny DuffyCutthroat Island
Bruce Banner, Betty RossBattlefield Earth
Cleveland Heep, Story, Mr. DurySpeed Racer
Jericho Cane, Krista Now, Nana Mae FrostAll the King's Men
General Bethlehem, Ford Lincoln MercurySahara
Mr. Arrow, Morph, Jim HawkinsThe Postman

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