Shakespeare or The Mighty Thor?

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Can you name the source, Shakespeare or Thor, who is quoted below?

Featured May 25, 2012

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Quote(S)hakespeare or (T)hor?Source
Shall I destroy him? Whether there, or there, or there?
Where we do reign, we will alone uphold--without the assistance of a mortal hand.
Though thy heart is gallantry itself... still art thou merely a woman!
Methinks he hath a grim and troubled mien.
The law hath not been dead--though it hath slept.
Ill deeds are doubled with an evil word.
Thou worse-than-any-name, read thine own evil!
Rumble thy bellyful! Spit, fire! Spout, rain!
O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!
No more, thou thunder-master, show thy spite on mortal flies.
What profiteth a man to keep his throne, if he shall lose a universe?
If he wouldst fight as valiantly as he doth snore.
Beyond yon spires, I behold a smoldering blaze. 'Tis there methinks the danger lies.
Hast thou stolen from me thy dying words? Thy fatherly hand, thy fatherly smile?
There is no madness. There is only justice.
Quote(S)hakespeare or (T)hor?Source
Come not between the dragon and his wrath.
I say thee NAY!
We are gods; 'tis our purpose to set aright the path of lesser beings.
What should such fellows as I do, crawling between earth and heaven?
Storms weather rock, given long enough.
Flee, death! Flee and lick thy wounds, you who are not fit to utter my father's name!
Waves are but water. Wind but air. And though lightning be fire...yet it must answer thunder's call.
Though thou be truly pure of heart – in thine innocence, thou art fair misguided.
If the great gods be just, they shall assist the deeds of justest men.
Hence, horrible villain! Or I'll spurn thine eyes like balls before me!
Bring him hither, and I'll be sworn I have power to shame him hence!
The Casket of Ancient Winters has been broken, and all who live are imperiled.
The gods can have no mortal officer more like a god than you.
A power I have, but of what strength and nature I am not yet instructed.
Evil hath e'er mistaken forbearance for weakness, peaceful intent for cowardice.

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