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Can you name the Keanu Reeves films by the two critic's blurbs listed for each one?

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''The film is a soggy mess, essentially a loud, wild 100-minute battle movie bookended by an incomprehensible beginning and a laughable ending.''
(Washington Post)
(Rolling Stone)
''I can't believe that even the most rabid chick-flick masochists wouldn't gag on it.''
(Rolling Stone)
''The last time Bullock and Reeves were together on screen the result was Speed. This should have been entitled Stop.''
''If you've ever wanted to see Keanu Reeves go to hell, this is your chance.''
(Boulder Weekly)
''Entirely beyond redemption.''
(Time Out)
''Second-hand plot, small-time characters, limited and movieish vision, and bad performances for Reeves and Diaz.''
''It could be taught in film school as an example of what to avoid.''
(E-Film Critic)
''Well, everybody knows November means just one thing to most folks: a big, fat turkey.''
(Kalamazoo Gazette)
''It's enough to make you puke.''
(Philadelphia Daily News)
''An overwrought, cornpone, Southern-gothic 'Twilight Zone' padded to feature length.''
(Film Journal)
''Logic is mocked, plot strands capriciously abandoned. Actors chew upholstery, and the heroine has so many 'Don't open that door, lady!' moments that the movie starts to play like an unintended parody of overblown hokum.''
(San Francisco Chronicle)
''Your brain will likely feel sucker-punched by the end of this obtuse ****storm, which falls flat faster than you can say Attack of the Clones.''
''A lumpy, gaseous treatise of a movie.''
(New York Times)
''It's really kind of a dirty scummy piece of work.''
(Richard Roeper)
''A police thriller that's desperate to be gritty...boasts a protagonist so dumb it takes him an hour of screen time to realize a 'plot twist' we assumed was a given.''
(Time Out Chicago)
''Even if Reeves could act, his character as written would be flatter than a floppy disk.''
(Washington Post)
''Undramatic and unexciting computer-graphics special effects designed to show what's inside Reeves' head. On the evidence, there isn't much.''
''Watchable if you care for loudly fermenting garbage.''
(San Diego Union-Tribune)
''You can't buy Keanu as a sadist, but you do worry about the guys who wrote the screenplay.''
(Globe and Mail)
''The affair between them is tepid and squeaky-clean; when he's with her, the look on Reeves's face says, 'And you are . . . ?'''
(Washington Post)
''Pure yucky mush.''
(Utah Transcript-Bulletin)
''Tries to set some kind of record for regurgitating sports movie cliches faster than any film that's run before.''
(LA Daily News)
''Might as well come with a bouncing ball so members of the audience can recite the dialogue along with the actors.''
(New York Times)
''Arguably the worst reconstitution of a '50s sci-fi classic since the ghastly Godzilla remake.''
(Houston Chronicle)
''Must be the worst major release in what may be the most disastrous year in recent Hollywood history.''

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