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Can you name the missing parts of Hamlet's speech using the additional clues to form a word ladder?

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*To be, or not to be—____ is the question;
'____ she blows!'
*Whe____ ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
*___ _lings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Poker three
Greek god of war
*Or to take ____ against a sea of troubles
'Real life' computer game The ____
*And by oppo____ end them; to die: to sleep—
Dynasty or vase
Belonging to me
Bog down
*No ____, and by a sleep to say we end
Billionaire Zuckerman
*The h____ache and thousand natural shocks
*That flesh is h___ _o: ’tis a consummation
*Devoutly to be wished—to ___: _o sleep—
Passed away
Ownership document
Pay attention to
Group, pack
*To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, t____’s the rub,
We ____ Soldiers
Had on
Central part
*For in that sleep of death what dreams may ____
Rock shelter
*When we ____ shuffled off this mortal coil
*Must ____ us pause: there’s the respect
*That ____s calamity of so long life.
Auntie ____
Street performer
*For who would bear the whips and scorns of ____,
*Th’oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s con____ly,
Toothpaste holder
Jiffy ____
Ear part
*The pangs of despised ____, the law’s delay,
Saturday Night ____
*The insolence of of____ and the spurns
Food staple
Religious ceremony
*That patient me___ _f th’unworthy takes,
Musician Puente
7th dirty word
Website visits
*When he ____elf might his quietus make
Cannabis fiber
Pile, batch
Get an earful
*With a bare bodkin. Who would fardels ____
Have on
*To Grunt and s____ under a weary life
*But that the dread of something after ____h
Chip, notch
Half-hearted baseball hit
Burger components
Prickly plant seeds
Yours and mine
*(The undiscovered country from whose b____
*No traveler re____s) puzzles the will
Gull relative
Ernest P. Worrell's friend
Part of speech
*And makes us rat___ _ear those ills we have
*Than fly to ot____ that we know not of.
Female fowls
Optical glass
Real estate
Cooking fat
*Thus conscience does make co____s of us all
Piece of merchandise
Cable, coil
Wear out
*And thus the na____ hue of resolution
Claw, gash
Lay concrete
*Is sicklied o’er with the ____ cast of thought,
Half of humanity
Grain for brewing
Liquefy; dissolve
*And enterprises of great pitch and mo____
*With this regard their cur____s turn awry
Take a load off
'For fear that' conj.
Matthew Fox series
*And ____ the name of action.

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