Marc Anthony or Mark Antony?

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Can you name the person, pop music's Marc Anthony or Shakespeare's Mark Antony, that is quoted below?

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Quote/LyricMar(c) or Mar(k)?Source
Let the cries be heard before the night is gone.
Love, I am full of lead.
This blinding silence lives in every room.
How can this be, though all these years I have been true to thee?
I could die in your arms right now, knowing somehow you would take my soul.
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
It's not enough to say I've loved and lost; just a thought to know I had it all.
She's good, being gone. The hand could pluck her back that shoved her on.
Maybe a fool takes a fortune by chance.
Quote/LyricMar(c) or Mar(k)?Source
Let's mock the midnight bell.
For her I would fight a thousand soldiers.
I may be climbing on rainbows.
Tell me, baby girl, 'cause I need to know.
Passion, I see, is catching.
I'll leave thee now, like a man of steel.
You did know how much you were my conqueror.
The April's in her eyes; it is love's spring.
I'll wrestle you in my strength of love: Look, here I have you.

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