Picture Match: *Abstract Art*

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Can you name the abstract art piece that goes with each title listed below?

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Title of PiecePicture #Extra Info
''The Eye of Silence''
''Mother and Child''
''The Liver is the Cock's Comb''
''Le Grande Julie''
''Red on Maroon''
''Landscape with Wheatgerm''
''Portrait of Chess Players''
''The King Playing with the Queen''
''The Tea Cup''
Title of PiecePicture #Extra Info
''Birth of the Muses''
''The Couple''
''Hyena Stomp''
''The Gramineous Bicycle Garnished with Bells the Dappled Fire Damps and the Echinoderms Bending''
''Sad Young Man in a Train''
''Fire Island''
''Pedernal: From the Ranch #1''
''Broadway Boogie Woogie''

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