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Can you name the Far Side cartoon that matches each caption below?

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'So, Professor Jenkins! … My old nemesis! … We meet again, but this time, the advantage is mine! Ha ha ha!'
'I'm sorry, sir, but the reservation book simply says 'Jason'. There's nothing here about Jason AND the Argonauts.'
'Hey! What's that clown think he's doing?'
When potato salad goes bad
'Okay, let's see ... That's a curse on you, a curse on you, and a curse on you.'
'Structurally, the building is fine. But sadly, the earthquake destroyed all of our art pieces.'
'You know, we're just not reaching that guy.'
'It's time we face reality, my friends … we're not exactly rocket scientists.'
'Hey, wait a minute! This is grass! We've been eating grass!'
'If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings.'
'Situation's changed, Jules. …Take my buffalo gun and hand me my mime rifle.'
Inadvertently, Roy dooms the entire earth to annhilation when, in an attempt to be friendly, he seizes their leader by the head and shakes vigorously.
'Well, you can just rebuild the fort later, Harold. Phyllis and Shirley are coming over and I'll need the cushions.'
CaptionPicture #
'And now Edgar's gone. … Something's going on around here.'
'Lord, we thank thee.'
As witnesses later recalled, two small dogs just waltzed into the place, grabbed the cat, and waltzed out.
'What? You've met someone else? What are you saying? … Oh my God! It's not what's-his-name, is it?'
'Well, we're lost … And it's probably just a matter of time before someone decides to shoot us.'
'Whoa! Watch where that thing lands -- we'll probably need it.'
'Whoa! That was a good one! Try it, Hobbs -- just poke his brain right where my finger is.'
'Try to relax, ma'am. … You say it was dark, you were alone in the house, when suddenly you felt a hand reaching from behind and… Johnson! Knock it off!'
How birds see the world.
'Drive, George, drive! This one's got a coat hanger!'
Edgar finds his purpose.
'Oh yeah? More like three wise guys, I'd say.'

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