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The boy
*We need more ____ license plates in the gift shop! Repeat: We are sold out of ____ license plates!
*—Take a seat before I blow your heads off! —Otto! —Oh, sorry. This bus and I have ____ of a “Shining” thing going on.
*I am so smart! I am so smart! _-_-_-_!
First four letters of Waylon’s last name
*Sweet maiden of the ____, grant now my boon: that I might sup on some suckling pig this noon.
Episode Title: The Simpsons ____-Off Showcase
*Hey, sometimes a guy just wants his ____ to look its yellowest.
In the episode Homer the Heretic, Homer decides to ____ church
*I'll need three ____s and 50 stout men. We'll sail 'round the horn and return with spices and silk the likes of which ye have never seen!
*Mmm, potato ____. Doh! Mmm, potato ____. Doh! Mmm, potato ____. Doh!
Malloy the Cat Burglar refers chummily to Homer as “old ____”
*Less ____, more hat! (or) *Less ____, more splat!
*Springfield will have its first annual “Do ____ You Feel” festival this Saturday, whenever you feel like showing up.
*“Embiggens”? I never heard ____ word before I moved to Springfield.
*Don't feel bad for losing. I was wrestlin' wolves back when you were at your mother's ____.
*This just in...Homer Simpson sleeps nude in an oxygen ____ that he believes gives him sexual powers.
*Get ____. (or) *I ____ my Wookie…
*I ____ the smart kids! I ____ the smart kids!
*Marge, look at all this great stuff I found at the Marina! It was just sitting in some guy’s ____!
*Relax, Homer, at Globex we don't believe in walls. In fact, I didn't even give you my ____!
Private detective Dexter hired by Homer to spy on Lisa
*Mmm…invisible ____.
Hello, to the Bumblebee Man
Episode title: The Father, the Son, and the ____ Guest Star
Merchandise: Simpsons Tree House of Horror Mono____
*Marge, with today’s gas prices, we can’t afford NOT to buy a ____!
*I love you even more than the butterscotch ____ or the porno bush.
Secret Agent that Homer deals a joker to in a blackjack game
Bart and Lisa play with a parody of the kid’s toy “Bop It” called “____ It!”
Comic ____ Guy
After Barney wins a tanker truck of beer: *Just ____ it to my veins!
Episode Title: Boy Scoutz ‘n the ____
*My cat’s breath smells like cat ____.
*You couldn't ____ your mother on the ____ingest day of your life if you had an electrified ____ing machine.
*—These look like teeth marks. —I thought there was chocolate inside. Well, why was it wrapped in ____?
*Me ____ English? That’s unpossible!
*Uh, look, I'll level with you, mister. This is a crank call that sorta backfired and I'd like to ____ out right now.
*Come on you stupid fish, take the ____! Don't make me come down there!
*I'm in no condition to drive. ____! I shouldn't listen to myself, I'm drunk!
*____ Freaking Whitman! Leaves of Grass my ass!
One of these divides the town in A Tale of Two Springfields
Word often on Bart’s blackboard (*I ____ not encourage others to fly, *I ____ not prescribe medication, etc.)
*You could save a lot more souls with roller-skates and Easy-Bake ovens, than with this 2000 page sleeping ____.
*—What are you going to do with your million dollars, sir? —Oh, I don’t know. Throw it on the ____, I suppose.
*Hey, Krusty, remember the time we got loaded and set those beavers loose in the ____ furniture store?
A unit for measuring volume (of precious, precious beer)
*—And I say, that England's greatest Prime Minister was Lord Palmerston! —____ the Elder!
Episode Title: Dead ____ing Society
Upscale Springfield coffeehouse Java the Hut is a parody of Star Wars' Jabba the ____
Springfield’s (terrible) attorney Lionel
*Hey, is there a ____ here? Seymour ____? Hey, everybody, I wanna Seymour ____!
The Simpsons’ signature cola
—That's not a Bible. That's a book of carpet samples. —Ooh…____y.
*Normally your father's crackpot schemes ____le out as soon as he finds something good on TV. But this season… (shudders)
Bart's line “So I says to Mabel, I says...” is a reference to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott ____gerald
Maude Flanders’ voice actress Marcia ____man Gaven
Zombie Flanders: *Hey, Simpson! I’m feeling a ____ peckish!
Duff Dry, Duff ____, Duff Dark, Duff Extra Cold…
*Who are you? How dare you interrupt my ____ rickey!
*Oh! A ____ bean that looks just like The Leader!
*____ needs braces!

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