Paxton or Pullman?

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Can you name the Bill, Paxton or Pullman, who is described below?

Featured Jun 17, 2011

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What He DidPaxton or Pullman
Declared it to be game over, man, in *Aliens*
Was hunted by both Ice Cube and Ice T in an abandoned building while searching for hidden treasure (no, really) in *Trespass*
Settled in with his three wives on HBO's *Big Love*
Can put the character name ''Dinky Winks'' on his résumé thanks to the latter two *Spy Kids* films
Tried unsuccessfully to coax a very large diamond out of a very old lady in *Titanic*
Was dumped by Meg Ryan for Tom Hanks in *Sleepless in Seattle*
Appeared alongside Paul Giamatti and Topher Grace in the HBO film *Too Big to Fail*
Rediscovered love for Helen Hunt while chasing tornadoes in *Twister*
Gave a very colorful description of Jamie Lee Curtis's figure in *True Lies*
Was shot and killed in the Wyatt Earp film *Tombstone*
Was the only man who dared give Lord Dark Helmet the raspberry in *Spaceballs*
Stalked and kidnapped Ellen Degeneres in *Mr. Wrong*
Tried to communicate with the dead as well as daughter Christina Ricci in *Casper*
What He DidPaxton or Pullman
Had bit parts in both *The Terminator* and *Stripes*
Was shot and killed in the Wyatt Earp film *Wyatt Earp*
Was duped and double-crossed by Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman in *Malice*
Played the saxophone and...well, definitely played the saxophone in *Lost Highway*
Played Jimmy Buffett-ish 'Coconut Pete' in Broken Lizard's Super Troopers follow-up *Club Dread*
Was killed, most likely by a giant alien hunter of some kind, in *Predator 2*
Kicked off the film by flinging himself off a balcony in *The Grudge*
Tried to maintain his dignity while being upstaged by a blind, defecating Carmen Electra in *Scary Movie 4*
Proposed to Sandra Bullock by dropping a ring into a token slot at the train station in *While You Were Sleeping*
Roused rebel forces by concluding a big speech with the title of the film in *Independence Day*
Bounced around in outer space with Hanks and Bacon in *Apollo 13*
Only one of the two who currently has his own tag on this website
Allowed Matthew McConaughey a speedy promotion to Captain by buying the farm early in *U-571*

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