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Can you name the screen shot that matches each Big Lebowski quote below?

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Yeah? Well, you know, uh, that’s just like…your opinion, man.
Look just because we’re bereaved doesn’t make us SAPS!
What are you saying? You get a divorce, you turn in your library card, you STOP being Jewish?
You said it man. Nobody ****s with the Jesus.
You ever hear of the Seattle Seven? That was me. …And, well, six other guys.
You mark that frame an eight, you are entering a world of pain.
I’d love it if you came and—uh—gave me notes.
Love me.
Donny, you’re out of your element.
Leads? Sure, I’ll just check with the boys down in the crime lab.
-You can imagine where it goes from here.

-He fixes the cable?
He thinks the carpet-pissers did this?
We believe in nothing, Lebowski, nothing.
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Brother Seamus? Like an Irish Monk?
The Dude abides.
Well, they finally did it. They killed my ****ing car, man.
What the **** is with this guy? Who is he?
Is this your homework, Larry?
And also, let’s not forget—let’s not forget, Dude, that keeping wildlife, um, an amphibious rodent, um, you know, domestic, within city…that ain’t legal either.
It’s down there somewhere; let me take another look.
Mr. Treehorn treats objects like women, man.
Different mothers, huh? So, racially he’s pretty cool?
Hell, I can get you a toe by three o’clock this afternoon—with nail polish.
I’m just gonna go find a cash machine.
I like your style, Dude.

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