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Can you name the character speaking to Arya Stark for each quote from A Song of Ice and Fire*?

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*Quotes are taken ONLY through the third book (Storm of Swords). Bonus answers may be taken from any of the books.
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Now there's a weasel clever as a goat!
When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.
Frequent leechings are the secret of a long life. A man must purge himself of bad blood. You will do, I think.
My nose never lies. I can smell defiance, I can smell pride, I can smell disobedience. I catch a whiff of any such stinks, you'll answer for it.
There's a hunter now. Lumpyface Lumpyhead Rabbitkiller.
Life is warmth, and warmth is fire, and fire is God's and God's alone.
A man pays his debts. A man owes three.
No…don't hurt me. I'll tell my mother.
I do not know who you are, child…someone important, I fear. In times like these, it is better to be insignificant.
First lesson: Stick them with the pointy end.
All men are made of water, do you know this? When you pierce them, the water leaks out and they die.
A peasant may skin a common squirrel for his pot, but if he finds a gold squirrel in his tree he takes it to his lord, or he will wish he did.
There are worse things than dying with a song on your lips.
A sword's a sword, a helm's a helm, and if you reach in the fire you get burned, no matter who you're serving.
Stop trying to think up ways to kill me.
Put down the stick, girl. I am a sworn brother of the Kingsguard, the White Swords.
Even brave men blind themselves sometimes, when they are afraid to see.
You got a long way to go in bad company.
Why would you want to ride a smelly old horse and get all sore and sweaty when you could recline on feather pillows and eat cakes with the queen?
Sharna just calls me Boy. The same as she calls the other boy. It's going to be confusing.

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