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Can you name the day of the week that is described below?

Updated Aug 13, 2012

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Day named for the planet Saturn
Dies Martis or ''Day of Mars'' in Latin
''Ruby _____'' (Rolling Stones)
A large majority of UK football league games are played on this day
''Maundy _____''; Christian holy day marking the Last Supper
In the US, Martin Luther King Day falls on this day in the third week of January
''Ash _____''; occurs 46 days before Easter
''_____ Night Live''
Oliver Stone film ''Any Given _____''
''Sweet _____'' (John Steinbeck novel)
Day originally named for the Norse god, Odin
''Manic _____'' (The Bangles)
Idiom referring to one who drives slowly or leisurely, as if sightseeing: ''_____ driver''
The Jewish Sabbath begins at sunset on this day
Mardi Gras occurs on this day
Day for national elections in the United States
Day called Guruvaar in the Hindu religion; named for Jupiter, the largest of planets
''_____ Bloody _____'' (U2 song)
1940 screwball comedy ''His Girl _____''
Called ''Lördag'' (Bath Day) in Scandinavian countries, from the Viking practice of bathing on this day
Rebecca Black song or Ice Cube film
Day named for the Old Norse god Thor, or Thunor, in most Germanic languages
''_____'s Child'' (song by both The Chameleons and David Bowie)
Due to a small statistical anomaly in the Gregorian Calendar, the 13th of any month is slightly more likely to fall on this day than any of the other six
Traditionally, Roman Catholics were to refrain from eating meat (except for fish) on this day
Dies Mercurii or ''Day of Mercury'' in Latin
Comic cat Garfield's most hated day
Official day of rest in Israel, and only day in New Zealand on which elections can be held
The first day of the week on traditional Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic calendars
Sometimes referred to as ''hump day'' in American English slang
Day shares a name with a member of ''The Addams Family''
Day of the September 11th attacks
Super Bowl _____
''Cyber _____'': Online shopping day that follows Thanksgiving weekend (US)
The second day of the calendar week in such countries as the US, Canada, and Japan

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