David Caruso's CSI:Miami one-liners

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Can you name the ends of these David Caruso CSI:Miami one-liners?

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'You don't spend a thousand dollars on clothes...'
'The jury only had one week before deliberations.' 'No need now....'
'They call it speed dating.' 'Well, you know what they say, Frank...'
'Someone brought the war to us...'
'Friends said she came down to catch some sun.' 'Well, it looks like....
'He died hours before this accident even occurred.' 'So our accident...'
'Looks like a mob hit, Horatio.' 'Yes. And it's time...'
Bad guy: 'You're already dead, brother.' Horatio shoots the bad guy, then retorts....
'They thought they'd get away with some diamond trinkets.' 'But they're not....
'No matter how you cut it, war sucks.' 'Frank...'

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