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'Unlock all of the drop zones.'Mark L. Walberg
'Pass, play, or double?'Allen Ludden
'Come on down!'Bob Barker
'Gold to gold in 60 seconds or less...'Bill Cullen
'I'll take Paul Lynde to block.'Peter Marshall
'Once you buy a prize, it's yours to keep.'Pat Sajak
'Dumb Dora is sooooooo dumb...'Gene Rayburn
'I can (title of show) in 4 notes.'Tom Kennedy
'Big bucks, no whammies...'Peter Tomarken
'It's time to vote off the (title of show).'Anne Robinson
'Open the case.'Howie Mandel
'Now entering the studio are today's contestants...'Alex Trebek
'Enter and sign in, please!'John Charles Daly
'Change that card!'Jim Perry
'Here is your first subject...go!'Dick Clark
'Ready for action! / On your marks, let's start...'Richard Dawson
'Is that your final answer?'Regis Philbin
'Let's pick up...the Chase!'Greg Lee
'Going once...going sale!'Jim Perry
'Come on over and face the devil.'Jack Barry

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