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The leading producer of maple syrup
The upper midwestern state where rapper Wiz Khalifa and actor Kellan Lutz were born
The state where the Jerry Sandusky scandal took place
The state which shares its name with a country
The state accounting for over 85% of Hurricane Katrina fatalities in 2005
The state whose capital is Jefferson City
The location of a school massacre carried out by Seung-Hui Cho in 2007
The only state to end with the letter 'G'
The state which borders Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin
The only state to contain a cardinal direction that is not North or South
The state spelt _E_A_A_E
The state whose flag depicts three white stars within a blue circle, with a red background
The state closest to Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa than all other states
The state called Оклахома in Russian
The site of Mount Rushmore
The state Las Vegas is situated in
The state whose coastline is longer than all the other states combined
The largest state by area, beginning with 'I'
The only state to consist of two peninsulas
The state whose residents are known as Hoosiers
The state containing the word 'lab'
The home state of the Trail Blazers of the NBA, and the Timbers of the MLS
The state whose license plate slogan is 'Garden State'
The state whose name is derived from a Spanish word meaning 'mountain'
The only state to end with three consecutive vowels
The penultimate state, alphabetically
The home state of the 2013 Superbowl champions
The state containing the cities Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Greenville
The state in which Mount Mitchell, the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains, is located
The state whose middle letter is a 'Z'
The only state to end in three consecutive consonants*
The only state to begin and end with the same letter, that is not an 'A'
The state whose entire name is the last six letters of another state
The state that when rearranged, spells 'HATING SNOW'
The highest scoring state in Scrabble (25 points)
The state which the popular American rapper and singer-songwriter, famous for 'Low' and 'Right Round,' named himself after
The state in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated
The state whose nickname is either 'The Nutmeg State' or 'Constitution State'
The first state, alphabetically, beginning with 'N'
The state where the fast food chain KFC originated
The smallest state by area
The only state to contain three 'O's
The state where Emmett Till was lynched
The state that shares its name with a beach landed on by the Allies on D-Day
The state which when rearranged spells the word 'NOMINATES'
The state containing the third most populated city in America
The most populous state, home to 1 in 8 Americans
The only state to border exactly one other state
The only two word state to contain the letter 'X'
Bill Clinton's home state

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