Countries Made of Homophones

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Can you name the countries, given the homophones?

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2nd person singular/Long piece of written work
Not out/First word of a letter
Frying ___/First person singular of 'to be'/R
Pub in the Simpsons/First person singular of 'to be'/Bird's mouth
Relatively cold
Metal Bar/A conjunction
CNN/Sea snake/A conjunction
Fill suitcase/3rd person singular of 'to be'/Become brown from sun
Jelly/Constant, Dull Pain/Indefinite article
A bird
Use oar in boat/Hair on lion's neck/Organ of hearing
Items of female underwear/Sick
Female Pig/D/Indefinite article/Beam of light/Common Weak Alcoholic Beverage
Female Pig/2/Might/Conjunction/Future king/Small gulp/A
Small common black insect/Keen/Conjunction/Place to receive Drinks/Ultimately Holy Person in Indian religion
I sprinted
Not quick/V/Close by

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