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Can you name the following Attacks from Pokemon R/B/Y?

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This is the Ice-type attack that has the least power
This powerful move increases the user's Special by 2 stages
This move will cut the target's current Hit Points in half
This is the Ground-type attack that is a one-hit KO
This is the stronger of the two Rock-type attacks
An attack that literally has no effect whatsoever
This attack raises the user's Attack by 2 stages
This move has a 100% chance to paralyze the target
This is a Water-type move that is exclusive to Krabby/Kingler
This deadly move has the highest power in the entire game
The only Fighting-type attack that can hit Ghost-type Pokemon
This is the only Dragon-type attack in the entire game
This move reduces damage taken from Physical attacks by 1/2
This move is an HM and allows you to see inside Rock Tunnel
This move will paralyze the target and is exclusive to Arbok/Ekans
This is the only attack that does not have any PP
This is the Flying-type attack with the highest power
An attack that copies the move last executed by the target
This Ghost-type attack deals damage equal to the user's level
This attack will always deal 20 points of damage
The only Water-type attack that does no damage to the enemy
A move that makes its Pokemon's trainer very wealthy
This Poison-type attack will badly poison its target
A move that can only be used while the target is asleep
A move meant to increase Critical Hit ratio, but instead decreases it
This is the Water-type attack with the lowest power
This attack has a 100% chance of putting the opponent to sleep
This move ignores stat modifiers and will hit Dig and Fly
This is a Bug-type move that is exclusive to Beedrill
The most powerful Electric-type attack that has 100% accuracy

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