Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Attacks

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Can you name the following Attacks from Pokemon R/B/Y?

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This attack has a 100% chance of putting the opponent to sleep
An attack that literally has no effect whatsoever
This is the only attack that does not have any PP
A move that can only be used while the target is asleep
The only Water-type attack that does no damage to the enemy
This move has a 100% chance to paralyze the target
This Ghost-type attack deals damage equal to the user's level
This move ignores stat modifiers and will hit Dig and Fly
An attack that copies the move last executed by the target
This is the Ground-type attack that is a one-hit KO
This powerful move increases the user's Special by 2 stages
This is the only Dragon-type attack in the entire game
This Poison-type attack will badly poison its target
This is the Ice-type attack that has the least power
This is the stronger of the two Rock-type attacks
The only Fighting-type attack that can hit Ghost-type Pokemon
A move that makes its Pokemon's trainer very wealthy
This is a Bug-type move that is exclusive to Beedrill
This is a Water-type move that is exclusive to Krabby/Kingler
This is the Water-type attack with the lowest power
This move will paralyze the target and is exclusive to Arbok/Ekans
This attack will always deal 20 points of damage
This move reduces damage taken from Physical attacks by 1/2
This attack raises the user's Attack by 2 stages
This move will cut the target's current Hit Points in half
This is the Flying-type attack with the highest power
A move meant to increase Critical Hit ratio, but instead decreases it
The most powerful Electric-type attack that has 100% accuracy
This deadly move has the highest power in the entire game
This move is an HM and allows you to see inside Rock Tunnel

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