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Answer isYou got it
4 letters of the News Network?
At the club. What drink did Corningstone order?
Ron Burgundy's tag line when signing of the air?
What is Champs catchphrase?
What weapon did Brick throw in the brawl?
Ms. '..?...' Corningstone.
Actor who kicked Burgundy's dog off the bridge?
60% of time it works...
The name of Ron Burgundy's Dog?
Answer isYou got it
By the beard of....
Name of Panda in the San Diego Zoo?
Which cologne did Odeon make?
Name of Ron Burgundy's nemesis?
'...?...' can smell the menstruation.
Corningstone's Sign off Tagline?
What instrument does Ron Burgundy Play?
Ron explained love like this song?

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