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What is Tohru's mother's name?Episode 15
What does Tohru and Ayame order when they go out to eat?Episode 14
Why did Kisa stop talking? She was being ________Episode 17
What was Kyoko's name in her gang?Episode 15
What does snow become after it melts?Episode 8 (Metaphorical)
What does Uo wear to Tohru's mother's grave?Episode 15
Who cleaned Kyoko's grave?Episode 15
What is Tohru's job?Varies
What card game do they play?Episode 10
What was Shigure's dog name?Episode 6
What was Tohru in the game 'Fruits Basket'?Varies
Who does Kisa follow around?Episode 17
What is the card game they play?Episode 6
What does Ayame try to do? ________ the gap.Episode 14
What does snow become after it melts?Episode 8 (Scientific)
What does Akito pull to hurt Tohru in the last episode?Episode 26
What was the 'district' Ayame mentions about the field trip?Episode 14
What is the real name of the Sohma born into the year of the horse?Manga
What is Shigure's job?Episode 6
What is the name of Momiji's little sister?Episode 15

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