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''I was only hiting on you because I thought you were a sexy man''
''Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?''
''Bloody bitch''
''Oh Cool, I was thinking about me too''
''Yes, it's going to feel goofy, but it's going to look so f**king good''
''Too bad you were joking professor, 'cause I could of been your greatest adventure''
''Just one time, I wanted to take your mum's boobies and put them on my face''
''That red head, Mary Jane, she cares a lot about him, even if he is just a neirdy patato face loser''
''What? Dumbledore ain't a fictional character''
QuotesCharactersTold to
''The D stands for my wiener''
''Oh my god, you're so soft''
''The only person who is gonna kiss Sirius Black is me''
''You really are the cleverest bitch of your age''
''You have a poop nose now''
''Cho, I said I was joking''
''Oh No!!! That was the Elder Wand''
''Rule number one boys, you never tell a girl that you like her, it just make you look like an idiot''
''Don't you get it you crazy bitch, I'm gay''
''Draco, I know that I have the lowest self-estime out of anyone at Hogwarts, but I think that I can do better''

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