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1990 BB: Bruce Pearl sent NCAA memo that this school gave Deon Thomas an SUV
2006 BB: 3-years probation from the previous coach did not stop the next head coach from bringing in best freshman class in the country
2002 BB: Ed Martin paid at least four elite players over $600,000
2008 BB: Coach Kelvin Sampson knowingly violates recruiting regulations
2004 BB: Coach's son gave three players 'A' grade in a basketball strategy class they never attended
2010 FB/BB: School that will likely get slapped for OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush situations
2000 BB: Athletic's dept. secretary did over 400 assignments for 18 basketball players
1988 FB: 3-year probabtion ended Barry Switzer's term as head coach for this team
1978 FB: 200-person secret booster club leads to 13 donors being banned and extended team's conference probation by 2 years
2008 BB: Only school to win National Title in basketball while technically on probation
2002 FB: team placed on 5-year probation with significant scholarship reductions; recovered to win National Title less than a decade later
1993 FB: Terry Bowden's 11-0 team denied bowl appearence due to several payouts and unsecured loans to athletes
2002 FB: Elite academic school placed on 5-year probation for academic fraud and using ineligible players
1952 BB: Point shaving by Alex Groza, Ralph Beard, and Duke Barnstable
1989 BB: Package with $1,000 to player Chris Mills bursts open in transit/player Eric Manuel banned from college basketball for cheating on the ACT
1982 FB: 1981 National Champions put on 2-year probation for having committed over 150 recruiting violations under head coaches Charley Pell and Danny Ford
2003 DII: Division II soccer program given 'death penalty' after coach signed professional Nigerian players
2009 BB: Team had to vacate 38-win season because Derek Rose had someone else take his SAT for him
1994 FB: School slapped with 5 year probation after providing 18,000 to nine student athletes; school's 2nd major infraction in 7-year period
1995 FB: team who won 4 National Championships since 1980 came crashing to Earth; $412,000 in excessive benefits, $200,000 in Pell Grant fraud, failure to drug-test, etc.
1985 FB: School's 1984 Conference championship, led by Neal Anderson, Kerwin Bell, and a stellar OL, vacated by conference due to 107 NCAA infractions by former coach
2003 BB: Dave Bliss forced to resign after accusing former player and murder victim Patrick Dennehy of dealing drugs to cover his own improprieties
1999 FB: Kim Dunbar gave up to $35,000 in gifts to players at this school
2007 FB: 61 athletes, including many football players, cheated in an online music class to maintain eligibility, appeal denied in 2010
1987 FB: Slush fund and payments led to 'death penalty' and cancellation of 87-88 seasons
1976 FB: 34 NCAA violations and 3-year forced coach Denny Stolz to resign
1995 FB: CB Antonio Langham played while having an agent; improper loans from boosters

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