2010 NBA Playoffs Alma Maters (West)

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Can you name the 2010 Western Conference NBA Playoffs Alma Maters?

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Erick DampierDallas Mavericks
Luke WaltonLos Angeles Lakers
Coby KarlDenver Nuggets
Matt BonnerSan Antonio Spurs
Steve NashPhoenix Suns
Lamar OdomLos Angeles Lakers
Ron ArtestLos Angeles Lakers
Didier Ilunga-MbengaLos Angeles Lakers
Pau GasolLos Angeles Lakers
Marcus CambyPortland Trail Blazers
Manu GinóbiliSan Antonio Spurs
DeJuan BlairSan Antonio Spurs
Andrei KirilenkoUtah Jazz
Richard JeffersonSan Antonio Spurs
Jeff PendergraphPortland Trail Blazers
Nick CollisonOklahoma City Thunder
Jeff GreenOklahoma City Thunder
NenêDenver Nuggets
Juwan HowardPortland Trail Blazers
Rudy FernándezPortland Trail Blazers
Nicolas BatumPortland Trail Blazers
Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers
DeShawn StevensonDallas Mavericks
Ty LawsonDenver Nuggets
Antonio McDyessSan Antonio Spurs
Kyle WeaverOklahoma City Thunder
Serge IbakaOklahoma City Thunder
Andre MillerPortland Trail Blazers
Channing FryePhoenix Suns
Sasha VujačićLos Angeles Lakers
Josh PowellLos Angeles Lakers
Carmelo AnthonyDenver Nuggets
Kosta KoufosUtah Jazz
Aaron AfflaloDenver Nuggets
Mustafa ShakurOklahoma City Thunder
Martell WebsterPortland Trail Blazers
D.J. WhiteOklahoma City Thunder
Earl ClarkPhoenix Suns
Keith BogansSan Antonio Spurs
Travis DienerPortland Trail Blazers
Jerryd BaylessPortland Trail Blazers
Garrett TempleSan Antonio Spurs
Deron WilliamsUtah Jazz
Brian ButchDenver Nuggets
Dante CunninghamPortland Trail Blazers
Amar'e StoudemirePhoenix Suns
Patrick MillsPortland Trail Blazers
Jason KiddDallas Mavericks
Caron ButlerDallas Mavericks
Brandon RoyPortland Trail Blazers
Jarron CollinsPhoenix Suns
Andrew BynumLos Angeles Lakers
Joey GrahamDenver Nuggets
Anthony CarterDenver Nuggets
Kevin OllieOklahoma City Thunder
Matt CarrollDallas Mavericks
Tim ThomasDallas Mavericks
Curtis JerrellsSan Antonio Spurs
Wesley MatthewsUtah Jazz
Chauncey BillupsDenver Nuggets
Etan ThomasOklahoma City Thunder
Derek FisherLos Angeles Lakers
Thabo SefoloshaOklahoma City Thunder
Eduardo NájeraDallas Mavericks
Louis AmundsonPhoenix Suns
Adam MorrisonLos Angeles Lakers
Alonzo GeeSan Antonio Spurs
Jason TerryDallas Mavericks
Ian MahinmiSan Antonio Spurs
Dirk NowitzkiDallas Mavericks
Kevin DurantOklahoma City Thunder
Greg OdenPortland Trail Blazers
J.R. SmithDenver Nuggets
Johan PetroDenver Nuggets
Shannon BrownLos Angeles Lakers
Grant HillPhoenix Suns
Roger MasonSan Antonio Spurs
Ronnie PriceUtah Jazz
Tim DuncanSan Antonio Spurs
Eric MaynorOklahoma City Thunder
Malik HaristonSan Antonio Spurs
Sundiata GainesUtah Jazz
Nenad KrstićOklahoma City Thunder
Kenyon MartinDenver Nuggets
Robin LopezPhoenix Suns
Leandro BarbosaPhoenix Suns
Paul MillsapUtah Jazz
Kyle KorverUtah Jazz
Rodrigue BeauboisDallas Mavericks
Chris AndersenDenver Nuggets
Russell WestbrookOklahoma City Thunder
Joel PrzybillaPortland Trail Blazers
C.J. MilesUtah Jazz
Jason RichardsonPhoenix Suns
Malik AllenDenver Nuggets
Jordan FarmarLos Angeles Lakers
Carlos BoozerUtah Jazz
Kyrylo FesenkoUtah Jazz
Renaldo BalkmanDenver Nuggets
Mehmet OkurUtah Jazz
Othyus JeffersUtah Jazz
Shawn MarionDallas Mavericks
George HillSan Antonio Spurs
Goran DragićPhoenix Suns
B.J. MullensOklahoma City Thunder
Brendan HaywoodDallas Mavericks
LaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail Blazers
Taylor GriffinPhoenix Suns
Dwayne JonesPhoenix Suns
José Juan BareaDallas Mavericks
Tony ParkerSan Antonio Spurs
James HardenOklahoma City Thunder
Jared DudleyPhoenix Suns

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