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After getting lost in a maze, a man becomes the caretaker of a hotel.1980
A college student screws his best friend out of a billion dollars and then creates a website.2010
After becoming the head of a crime family, a World War II Veteran flees to Europe after killing two people.1972
Two robots lead a giant space ship back to Earth and then clean up garbage.2008
A Jew burns down a movie theater and is then hunted by a Nazi in France.2009
A gang of 4 commits a series of sexual crimes after recieving a revolutionary treatment. 1971
After crossing a perilous bridge, a group of people decide not to go to Camelot.1975
A man flees his native country and then saves hundreds in a hotel.2004
A man finally contacts his daughter and then takes a job in outer space.2009
After eating unhealthily for a month, a woman convinces her husband to become a vegan.2004
A girl becomes the princess of a magical underground land and then gets shot by her stepfather.2006
Three men can't remember anything before their big night out on the town2009
After finding a mysterious stone, it is revealed to a boy that he has special powers.2001
After finding out that she is a descendent of Christ, a woman's grandfather is murdered.2006
After being rescued by the military, a group of young boys go to military school.1963/1990

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